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(1) Used 300 Ton Minster “HeviStamper” 54 x 36 Straight Side Double Crank Press (M#11789)

MODEL: E2-300-54-36
YEAR: 1973
Serial# E2-300-21320
Capacity: 300 Ton
Bed Area: 54” lr x 36” fb
Stroke: 1.5”
Adjustment: 6”
Shut Height: 22” above bed (slide down adjustment up)
Bolster Thickness: 6” T slotted
Ram: T Slotted
Speed: 0 - 150 SPM
Windows: 21” wide

Equipped with:
Air Clutch and Brake
Air Counter Balances
Recirculating Lubrication System
8 Point Gibbing
Light Curtains front and back

Approx Overall Weight: 80,000#