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(1) Used 121 Ton Aida Single Crank Gap Frame Press (M#11792)

MODEL: NC1-1100(2)
YEAR: 2005
Serial# CO411-0199

Capacity: 121 US Tons
Stroke: 7.09”
Spped: 35 - 70 SPM
Shut Height: 13.78” over bolster (slide down adjustment up)
Adjustment: 3.54”
Bed Area: 42.1” lr x 26.8” fb
Slide Area: 24.8” lr x 20.05: fb
Max Upper Die Weight: 1213#
Main Motor: 10 HP
Total Full Load Amps: 18 amps
Air Pressure Required: 73 psi

Control Voltage: 24v

Equipped with:
AMCI Press Pro Genesis Control