We are always looking for Good, Late Model Presses and Machinery.

OBI / Gap Presses

Single and Double Crank,Geared and Flywheel Minster #4, #5, #6, #7, Bliss 'C' Series USI, Clearing, Aida, Rousselle Komatsu, Verson, Niagara, Heim

High Production Presses

Aida, Bliss, Bruderer, Minster, Komatsu

Hydraulic Presses

4-Post or Straight Side, Up or Down Acting Denison, Dake, Williams and White Pacific, St. Lawrence, K.R. Wilson

Double Action Presses

Large Tonnage, Large Bed Area Schuler, Danly, Verson,Komatsu

Straight Side Presses

Progressive Die, Blankers, Transfer, Try Out 50 - 4000 Ton Capacity, Up to 240inch Bed Area Bliss, Blow, Danly, Minster, USI Clearing, Verson Niagara, Schuler, Brown and Boggs, Rousselle, Heim

Fabricating Equipment

Press Brakes and Shears: Cincinnati, Pacific, Dries and Krump, Amada Wysong and Miles, Niagara


Yoder, Tishken, Bradbury, Dahlstrom, Ardcore

Press Feed Equipment

Air and Servo Feeders, Straighteners, Reels, Coil Cradles, ASL, CWP, Coe, Dallas, Littell, Perfecto, Rowe, Sesco, 'Turn Key Feed Systems'